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Amazon has evolved into a vast marketplace with millions of sellers. However, this growth has also led to a surge in online counterfeit products! It’s unjust to you and your business if someone replicates your product, strategies, and every aspect of your brand, and begins selling it. Not only do they bypass the hard work, but they also poach your customers!


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In the face of unethical and immoral practices online, safeguarding your online business is paramount. At Upstore Digital Services, we provide the latest and most updated security protocols to protect your brand and products from disruption, interference, or duplication. With years of experience in the Amazon industry, we possess the expertise and know-how to ensure the smooth operation of our clients’ businesses. Whether you prioritize expertise, professionalism, or value for money, our offerings surpass those of any other company. Our vision is to empower hardworking businesses to thrive and achieve their goals and objectives. Secure your Amazon brand with a trademark registry number and give your business the protection it deserves.

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If you’ve been fortunate enough not to encounter an attack on your Amazon business, understand that luck can only last for so long. When the inevitable occurs, it won’t just set you back – restoring your operations will require significant time and effort, depending on the extent of the damage. With us by your side, you receive:

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In the fiercely competitive online business landscape, especially on Amazon, every advantage counts. Safeguard your business and protect what you’ve built from potential threats. Contact us today to learn more about Amazon brand registry trademark requirements and secure your brand’s future.

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Amazon Brand Registry is a robust system designed to safeguard and manage your brand effectively on the platform. It grants you control over your product listings, enhances your brand’s visibility, and equips you with tools to combat infringement issues efficiently.

Our trademark protection service for Amazon Brand Registry aids in the registration of your trademark and the establishment of legal rights. We diligently monitor your product listings and promptly eliminate any unauthorized copies. This preserves the integrity of your brand and guarantees that your customers receive genuine products.

We prioritize prompt action. Our dedicated team diligently identifies and swiftly removes infringing listings. This proactive approach minimizes the negative impact of counterfeits on your brand’s reputation and sales, ensuring you stay ahead in the competitive landscape.

Full Account Defense encompasses comprehensive protection for your Amazon seller account. It includes services such as appealing account suspensions and enforcing intellectual property rights. Our goal is to safeguard your entire Amazon presence, ensuring uninterrupted operations and maintaining your brand’s integrity.

Certainly. Our trademark for Amazon Brand Registry services is designed to be cost-effective, offering robust protection at a reasonable price point. We understand the importance of safeguarding your brand without breaking the bank, which is why we provide affordable solutions tailored to your needs.

Our Guided Expert Assistance provides personalized support to sellers, offering clear guidance on navigating the Brand Registry process, trademark registration, and infringement resolution. We ensure that you have the knowledge and resources needed to make informed decisions every step of the way.

No problem! Our team is well-equipped to assist newcomers to Amazon. We provide step-by-step guidance through the Brand Registry process, ensuring that even if you’re new to the platform, you’ll feel confident and supported every step of the way.

Rest assured, your trust is our top priority. With a track record of success and satisfied clients, we prioritize transparency, reliability, and integrity in all our services. You can count on us to protect your brand and ensure your peace of mind in the ever-changing landscape of e-commerce.